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Welcome to the Atlas E Missile Site 12 ER Project Website

The Atlas ā€œEā€ Missile Site 12 is located approximately three miles southeast of Windsor, Colorado, in Weld County, near the western edge of the town of Greeley. The Air Force 566th Strategic Missile Squadron, 389th Strategic Missile Wing, at F.E. Warren Air Force Base (AFB), Cheyenne, Wyoming, operated the installation from October 1960 to March 1965. It contained one intercontinental ballistic missile armed with a nuclear warhead.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District is currently investigating and cleaning up the Atlas 12 site for the Department of Defense in accordance with the Formerly Used Defense Sites program. The Corps has awarded a contract to North Wind, Inc. to clean up soil and groundwater contamination.

Additional information about ongoing remediation activities at the Atlas 12 site are included in the Fact Sheet and Community Involvement Plan or visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.

Map of Windsor/Greeley area showing location of Atlas 12 Site

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